Mar. 24th, 2010

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Now, many of you will, as I write, be scurrying to your local bookstore, or more probably the internet, in haste to get your hands on a copy of the Collins Beekeeper's Bible, hot off the presses.  And a rather splendid tome it is too.  Everything you need to know about bees, beekeeping and honey recipes, all in one volume.  Yes, there really are recipes for honey.  Who knew?  I thought you just stick your fingers in the jar and lick them.  We live and learn...

But... all is not quite perfect.  When you do get your copy, please refrain from turning to p108, where I fear an almighty howler has occurred.  The phenomenon of trophallaxis, where one bee gives food to another, was supposed to be depicted in the above illustration.  It has somehow come to pass that the book has been published with an extremely crude preliminary pencil sketch instead.  It's a long story, and I am not really at liberty to go into it.  Suffice it to say that the excellent people with whom I was working initially on the project were, to my great regret, not there at the end.  When the deadline for the original proofs was looming, I was having trouble finishing some of the final pieces in time, due to illness and family stuff, so some of the "roughs" were inserted essentially as markers, to indicate where the finished pieces would go.  Clearly this fact was subsequently lost in translation.  But no matter.  This is still a must-have book.  Oo, and you should see the illustrations of the different races, species and castes of honeybees.  Can't think who could have done them...


paul_scribbles: Cartoon of a small white moth in flight, wearing large spectacles (Default)

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