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A possible page for my forthcoming (or more probably doomed to join the pile of unfinished projects) epic about a rat.  The entirely black top half of the piece is not so much an homage to Caravaggio as simply a matter of making room for the text.  I've been so long looking at this piece now, I can no longer make any useful judgements about it.  I'm particularly concerned about the barrels.  Geometrically perfect they ain't.  It would have been easy to trace from a photo or from an image generated in Poser 3D software, but where would be the fun in that?  I made a point of drawing them freehand, with a view to accepting a certain amount of inevitable wonkiness.  They are definitely out of kilter, though I would point out that they are old barrels that have probably been subject to any amount of warping and bashing about.  And they are leaning to the right because they are on a ship and everything is being tipped and rolled all over the place.  These wouldn't pass inspection if the intention was an entirely "photo-realistic" look, but as you can see from the anatomy of the rats, we are going for a somewhat stylized motif here, which may allow for things to be a bit askew.  But there's a fine line between askew and plain sloppy.  I've looked at this every which way, including "flipping" in Photoshop (the modern equivalent of the dreaded mirror test), and I am no closer to knowing what to think.  They're not right, but they don't seem howlingly and offensively wrong either.  I just can't tell anymore.  Ah, if ooooonly there was someone to advise me...  
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