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To every thing its proper season.  A time for bare bottoms and a time for clothed bottoms.  Could not let it rest.  Much as I am heartily in favour of full-backal nudity (the more gratuitous the better), I cannot bear for any piece of art to be open to misinterpretation.  Besides which, since this is supposed to be a pastiche of a famous nude, repeating the nudity as well as the pose seems almost to dilute the joke, if you know what I mean.  Fortunately, thanks to the magic of computers (and scanners and printers) it is possible to make amendments without fear of messing up.  Et voila!  A pair of jeans to cover her modesty.  So now I have a cover.  All I need to do is complete the rest of the project...

On the creative writerly front, Paul is still pre-reading the Open University textbook whilst waiting for the official start date and allocation of a tutor.  Things are looking up considerably!  Part 2 is like a different book altogether!  All the same, Paul is strangely uneasy.  The first assignment is due at the end of October, which is so far away that it doesn't register as anything but yet another vague, nagging worry.  None of the urgency of the weekly introductory class at Morley College.  Have tried to rejoin that class too, but all goes less smoothly.  Options have become more restricted, such that I would only be free for the evening class.  This would involve travelling after dark, which I assumed would be difficult and dangerous, but it may in fact be completely impossible now.  My night vision has deteriorated consicerably since last winter, not that the day vision is much better.  Everywhere looks so foggy all the time...   But anyhoo, I re-enrolled online, which was easy with their nice, helpful website, but I still wouldn't be able to attend a class without putting my pawprint on some declaration and picking up my new student pass.  Previously this has not been a problem,  This week I made a special trip to Lambeth, braving the horrors of bus and tube,   But all in vain.  Enrolment fever was still in full spate and the reception folk just flapped their arms at me and told me to go "over there".  Whilst attempting to work out where over there might be, I was involved in so many collisions that it seemed safer to withdraw.  I suspect this may be the end for me and Morley.  The hermit life appeals more and more. 


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